Thursday, May 26, 2011

May 28th Run

How about a long run on Saturday?  You will need to assemble yourselves if you are wanting to get out early. 
Otherwise, please consider going for a long run with me.  I will be starting my marathon on Saturday at 8am.  My route starts and ends in the MS Gym parking lot.  Not doing any extra...26.2 will be enough for me!  I am planning on being done by 2pm, as I am supposed to be at the Med City Marathon Expo after that.  Let me know if you can make it.
More information, including my route map can be found at


Thursday, May 12, 2011

May 14 Run

Where and when does everyone want to meet?

If you are wanting to listen to a podcast about running, check out this site.  I did an interview with them about Mr. Parry's Endurance Challenge.  You can play it directly from the site or download it from iTunes.  My part of the show starts at 15:00 and lasts about 18 minutes.